Megan Kohler

Megan Kohler has been a volunteer with our Community Policing program for almost 10 years now. She was the first to step up during the pandemic to be a team leader for our cell watch program. Cell watch is a program that volunteers sign up for to deter and raise the awareness of distracted driving. At the moment, the distraction we are targeting is specifically cell phone use, i.e., texting or talking while driving in designated areas within Port Coquitlam (ICBC crash locations, Compstat police locations, along with City or public requests). Volunteers identify drivers whom have driven with distraction and ICBC letters are sent to those observed. Megan hosted a shift every weekend throughout the pandemic when her work allowed considering she had to work during the pandemic as well. As a team lead she was responsible for safe set ups, pandemic protocols, and completing any necessary paperwork/reports.