Nicole Blades

Nicole Blades is one of those truly “amazing” women who selflessly gives to the community at large. She is currently working for West Coast Family Centre, and is doing volunteer work, delivering food hampers to people in need. She had only one person on a list for a hamper in Port Coquitlam, so she selflessly went around to all the major grocery chains (including Save On) and got a large quantity of food that was soon to expire. She got meat, dairy products, (eggs) pre-cooked meals (not frozen) fresh fruit & vegetables, and even sushi by the boxload! Desserts galore, even vegetarian meat and products. She ended up feeding around 10 families here, instead of one, and sacrificed the shocks in her car to do this. My friend Heidi pitched in to create food hampers “on the spot” for other families in need at this low cost housing location. Nicole texted Heidi each week, to let her know what time she would arrive. She brought a minimum of at least 12 boxes or perhaps (more like 18) each time she came here. This was not part of her job at hand, either. The sweetest woman you could meet, truly caring, truly supportive. She deserves honorable mention in the community!