Roger Dore

Roger is a longtime resident of Port Coquitlam and has been a member of Community Policing for a few years now. He has mainly volunteered with Foot Patrols and Graffiti recording and clean-ups on the teams I lead. I believe that Roger deserves to be acknowledged for all the hours he has volunteered towards helping make our Community just that much safer for everyone! Roger is always friendly and willing to say ‘hi’ and have a chat with folks he meets while out on Patrol. We believe this helps demonstrate to our fellow citizens that we’re approachable, interested in engaging with them – and interested in helping make our Community more connected!

Roger Dore has been a volunteer with us at the Port Coquitlam Community Police Station for 2 years now but his dedication grew during the pandemic. He has been attending crime hot spots and city locations where more crime prevention and eyes and ears were warranted. He kept the community safe and beautified it at the same time by picking up garbage weekly with his team! Thanks Roger!