Vishad Deeplaul

Vishad is a family man, volunteer and people connector. He moved here from South Africa a few years ago and I am so glad that he decided to make our community his home. He is an energetic, enthusiastic and dedicated person that our community needs. When you meet him, his energy is catching and you are instantly ready to do more and to help more. I personally don’t know anyone that would tell you otherwise. You may know him for his endless efforts to help. His involvement with United Way is bringing Port Coquitlam community together. The volunteer hours he invests in creating a better community for all of us is a passion of Vishad’s. Bringing people together virtually is a new challenge for most but not for Vishad. His energy draws you in and you can’t wait to see him on the next zoom call. He’ll always find a way to bring people and families together through building fairy gardens, virtual talent shows, food drives, etc.

Along with United Way he spends endless hours supporting vulnerable children and families in our community. He uses his connection to Backpack Buddies – a non-profit organization that provides food packages to children in need, to support over 800 children and families in this community.

ACCESS Youth Outreach Services also benefits from Vishad’s presence. If it’s driving the bus to meet the youth where they are or collecting blankets for those in need, he doesn’t hesitate to jump in and add a few more extra volunteer hours to his day.