Volunteer Spotlight: Leila Rodriguez

by Roberto McKave

I love to volunteer because it helps me – I give back, but volunteering gives me more in return.”

Leila Rodriguez was a kindhearted, vibrant, and passionate individual who volunteered for the City of Port Coquitlam for over 25 years.

After moving from Campeche, Mexico in 1989, she re-established her life in Canada and quickly got involved within the community she lived in – Port Coquitlam, BC. Leila’s countless volunteer service hours included assisting in the Wilson Centre Kitchen, teaching Spanish to seniors and helping with community events with youth, adults and senior citizens. She has been recognized for her hard work, dedication, and overall success as a volunteer within our City with countless volunteer recognition awards throughout the years, including Port Coquitlam’s Certificates of Appreciation Volunteer Recognition (1990 – 2016), Tri-City Youth R.E.A.C.H. Awards (2008 – 2015), the Port Coquitlam Youth Programs Awards (2010) and Port Coquitlam’s Senior and Volunteer of the Year Award (2010). Her presence within the Wilson Centre Kitchen and community gave everyone a smile and true jubilance; countless years of volunteering in that community not only gave Leila happiness and a sense of purpose, but gave the people around her the same; as Leila stated, “helping others makes me happy – talking, laughing and cooking, doesn’t get much better! It keeps me busy!” Leila passed away shortly after her Volunteer Spotlight interview at the age of 82, but her impact within our community will undoubtedly be remembered by everyone she has touched for years to come.



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