Volunteer Spotlight: Dmitry Kostyukov

It was challenging moving across the world at such a young age, but hockey gave me the opportunity to get involved in my community right away.

Dmitry, a Grade 12 student at Riverside Secondary, has been an active volunteer in Port Coquitlam’s Skating & Bike Programs for over three years. Since enrolling to volunteer in his Grade 10 year, Dmitry has gone above and beyond as a volunteer in Port Coquitlam’s Skating and Bike Programs, volunteering over 100 hours.

Dmitry first started volunteering with the City as part of a partnership between Riverside Secondary’s Hockey Academy program and the City of Port Coquitlam’s Active Living & Sports program. The partnership, started in 2015, has allowed students such as Dmitry to put their skating skills and passion for ice sports to good use in helping young skaters learn the fundaments in the City’s Learn to Skate and Learn to Play Hockey programs while gaining volunteer experience hours towards graduation.

Dmitry’s passion for hockey started as young boy, when moving from Russia all the way to Canada. Traditionally a popular sport in both countries, hockey has been a big part of how Dmitry has established himself within his community, including in Port Coquitlam. Being a participant in skating and hockey programs and lessons as a child as well, Dmitry has come full circle and finds himself now being the one making an impact helping youth learn how to skate and play hockey. “I genuinely enjoy volunteering in the lessons and programs; I get to help these young kids and also feel a sense of pride in what I’m doing.”

Keeping children organized and on-task and helping them learn new skills is no easy task, especially in an environment as busy as a skating rink, but Dmitry’s commitment to continuous improvement, his strong communication skills and the relationships he builds with staff and skaters have made him a stand out volunteer.

“Dmitry displays a desire to learn and willingness to always do his best by seeking support to ensure he understands our best practices”, says Shawn Fengler, who oversees the City’s Skating & Bike programs. “The knowledge and experience Dmitry has gained over the years is evident in his ability to communicate comfortably with staff and skaters”. Chantel Begley, one of the City’s Skate Instructors and the Volunteer Leader for the program, agrees. “He’s a hard working volunteer that is able recognize where help is needed and able to take initiative. Staff enjoy working with him and say that he one of the best volunteers because of his work ethic.”

The City of Port Coquitlam’s Recreation Department would like to thank Dmitry for making a positive impact in the community!

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill