Volunteer Spotlight: Fran Laidlaw

Photo of Fran Laidlaw

Fran Laidlaw is a community-minded individual who has called Port Coquitlam home for the last 30+ years. During this time she has contributed to numerous community initiatives, inclusive of the RCMP’s victim services program and the City’s Bear Aware program. However, it was the City’s Emergency Preparedness (EP) program that struck a cord with Fran as she has a passion for safety and emergency preparedness. In fact when her children were younger they often referred to her as “Ms. Safety”.

Carrying these passions forward into her role as an EP volunteer, Fran has helped deliver emergency preparedness education sessions to residents and businesses, supported events such as EP Week, May Day parade and various EP booths and assisted with numerous Emergency Support Services requests. Fulfilling her desire to help others, she has been able to do all this with her family by her side as her husband and children have also contributed to and volunteered with the EP program over the years. In fact, Fran and her husband Ralph will both be receiving her 20 years of service pin for the program this December.

The City would like to thank Fran (and her family) for making such a positive impact on the community!

To learn more about the Emergency Preparedness program, visit www.portcoquitlam.ca/ep.