Volunteer Spotlight: Jack Bos

by Roberto McKave

“Go out and do something positive! That’s what volunteering has given me.”

Jack has volunteered for the City of Port Coquitlam for over 20 years! He is being recognized for his hard work, dedication, and on-going success as a volunteer – Jack has won various awards, including Senior of the Year (2008) and Volunteer of the Year (2015), both at the Wilson Centre. Everyone loves Jack – he is a very compassionate man who adores helping people and being in the kitchen (making his world famous cinnamon twists!). Along with the countless volunteer hours, Jack has shared his kindhearted, positive character with the whole community of Port Coquitlam!

Jack loves to help and meet new people. “Volunteering keeps me busy in a good way – putting smile’s on people’s faces is what I love to do. Just being able to help others and provide a friendly hand – I love being around an active environment, seeing others happy, and being involved within my community. The Kitchen is where I feel at home”.

In addition to volunteering at the Wilson Centre, Jack is an active member of the Silver Chord Choir and enjoys playing the harmonica and long walks outdoors. At the young age of 90, Jack walks 2-3 hours to and from the Wilson Centre each day he volunteers: “Walking is great for me; it keeps me healthy and physically active. I also love being outside and enjoying nature”.



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