Volunteer Spotlight: Jacki Goring

“It’s important to give back and make someone’s day better if at all possible!”

After attending one of the City’s Residential Emergency Preparedness training sessions back in 2014, Jacki Goring took the plunge and signed up to become an Emergency Preparedness volunteer. Eight years later, Jacki plays a key role as an Emergency Support Services (ESS) Deputy Director and the Community Education Sub-committee lead – which is the very same part of the program that peaked her interest all those years ago.

Over the years, Jacki has also provided local and regional response support; including a 2018 Regional Reception Centrein Chilliwack, which was established to support individuals impacted by wildfires in BC’s interior, and an ESS Reception Centre and Group Lodging facility in June 2022, which was established to support individuals impacted by an apartment fire. Additionally, she supported the City’s Cooling Centre in the summer of 2021, helping to provide a safe space for residents to stay cool during a record-setting heat wave.

When reflecting upon her involvement in these events, Jacki is focused on giving back to the community and “helping people find calm during a stressful time in their lives, whilst getting them ready for the next steps.”

Looking further afield, Jacki’s humanitarian efforts aren’t just limited to the ESS program. Following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, she helped coordinated the delivery of much needed supplies, such as formula and diapers, to affected children.

And when not engaged in the EP program or one of her other humanitarian endeavours, Jacki can be found with a paint brush in her hand. Picking up this skill later in life via an art class in Coquitlam, she recently participated in her first art show and sold a painting of an elephant.

The City would like to thank Jacki for making such a positive impact on the community!

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