Volunteer Spotlight: Michele Malmberg

Michele Malmberg has been a volunteer with the City of Port Coquitlam since 2008. She first started volunteering with the Emergency Preparedness Program after being inspired by her parents’ own volunteer work there. In 2014, she also joined the Adopt-a-SPOT program to help keep McLean Park clean for the community and for the children of Hope Lutheran Christian School, where she works as a support and supervisory staff member. In gratitude for being able to use McLean Park, the school’s grade 5 students also participate, under the supervision of their classroom teachers and Michele coordinates this as well as doing her daily checks.

Michele is passionate about teaching and sharing her knowledge. Building on her time at Hope Lutheran Christian School, she is currently working to become a teacher, finishing up her Bachelor of Arts in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University. She plans to enroll in the PDP Program in the future. She has also been interested in facilitating courses that Emergency Preparedness provides for the public in addition to continuing to volunteer with Emergency Support services with her certifications in First Aid and Disaster Psychological First Aid. She said that she is eager to be called out when there is an emergency and wants to share her knowledge and assist others when she has the chance.

Volunteering is a large part of Michele’s life, and she says that she does it to make a difference and serve others. In addition to her time with the City of Port Coquitlam’s programs, Michele has volunteered with her church and its school. She likes helping and enjoys “knowing that I am providing [services and] helping to run programs that might not be able to run without volunteers.”

Michele is always easy to communicate with and very responsive. She is quick to connect with the City whenever she encounters any issue that could pose a safety risk to the people who enjoy McLean Park. It is clear that her dedication to the City and the other organizations that she volunteers with make it particularly important to highlight her for our Volunteer Spotlight.

Thank you to Michele for all that she does for our community!