Volunteer Spotlight: Neela Trotter

“The smallest things can really make a difference with children. I am able to have fun with them and make a difference at the same time – to me it doesn’t get much better than that!”

Neela, 18, is a high school student at Terry Fox Secondary and a volunteer with Port Coquitlam’s Children Services Department. Neela has been volunteering since January 2016, putting in over 100 hours of volunteer service with programs such as Afterschool Active, Spring Break and Summer Camps. Neela’s “stand out” efforts and her contagiously cheerful and friendly personality helped her to quickly build strong relationships and with the children and staff she has worked with.

“It is really rewarding when I see children smile because of the impact I am making – it makes me feel good inside, and that makes me happy!” Neela explains. “Everyone is so positive and that is why I think the programs are so successful. I have met so many new people through volunteering and it is so very satisfying knowing that I’m making a difference – being able to have fun with kids, volunteering my time into something I enjoy, and knowing that I’m being productive with my time makes me very happy.”

When she is not volunteering, Neela enjoys Martial Arts (she is currently a Conditional Black Belt), pottery, as well as drama and theatre. She has never traveled outside of B.C. and would love to have the chance to travel once school is finished – Neela’s dream trip would be to visit Disneyland!



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