Mayor’s Citizen Advisory Roundtable

Life-long Port Coquitlam resident Mayor Brad West knows the value of neighbours coming together to discuss their community. Since being elected in October 2018, he has established an open-door approach to engaging the community.

Mayor West created the Mayor’s Citizen Advisory Roundtable to create a forum for Mayor and Council to:

  • hear from members of the community
  • exchange ideas about how to address challenges, and
  • seek input on a variety of topics, from budgets to City projects and community development

Council will consider the group’s input as it makes decisions on matters throughout the year. Participating in the roundtable is a great opportunity to give back to the community and play a role shaping the City’s future.

The Mayor’s Citizen Advisory Roundtable replaces the citizen advisor positions on previous Council Committees.

Advisors will sit for a two-year term with an option to continue.

2019-2022 MCAR Roundtable Members

Volunteer members are appointed by the Mayor for a term of two (2) years with the possibility of re-appointment for additional terms.

MCAR Roundtable Terms of Reference

  • Andrew Richards
  • Mike Forrest
  • Brian Wormald
  • Brian Johnson
  • Nick Young
  • Nicole Owen
  • Janine Davies
  • Paige Petriw
  • Janine Melenka
  • Royce Shook
  • Jeremy Freeman
  • Sean Walker
  • Joshua Gair
  • Tracy London
  • Kayla Steele
  • Yue-Ching Cheng
  • James Filippelli
  • Zack Vilvang
2019-2022 Accomplishments
  • Provided direct input through discussion with the city consultants and Directors into the following city initiatives:
    • Police Model Review
    • Master Transportation Plan – particularly around how to solve the Traffic and Safety issues
    • Climate Action Plan
    • Downtown Projects, including revitalization of the downtown, Veterans Park and Leigh Square, and discussion with Downtown Business Improvement Association
    • RCMP Strategic Planning – input provided to the consultant preparing the detachment’s Strategic Plan
    • Housing Needs report – presentation from the city’s consultant Urban Matters
    • City events – following COVID-19, events were brought back to the city and the group provided on which ones were successful, and feedback was provided
  • Provided input to the Communications Division on how to better get information out to the community.
    • Let’s Talk PoCo
    • Social Media
      • How to redirect Facebook conversation to Let’s Talk PoCo and the Sort It – Report It App
    • Email blasts
  • Discussions on the following topics:
    • How Waste and Recycle Initiatives could be done at a regional level vs the inconsistencies between cities and even with the city (private vs city collection).
    • How Metro Vancouver costs are escalating and what action could be taken to contain the costs that are passed on to the cities.
    • Public Safety issues discussed with the Officer in Charge and Director of Community Safety and Corporate Services, including providing input on priority areas that require attention.
    • Freshet details with the Engineering and Public Works Department, its potential impacts and the city’s mitigation strategy.
Apply to be a Member

New applicants and current members are welcome to (re)apply. Deadline for applications is December 18, 2022.

Volunteer members are appointed by the Mayor with the possibility of re-appointment for additional terms. The 2023/2024 term will run from January 2023 – December 2024, with a break in July and August.

Criteria for Appointment

  • Diversity of members with respect to geographic locations – age, gender, ability, ethnicity and other aspects of diversity.
  • Preference will be given to Port Coquitlam residents, and/or those who attend school or work in Port Coquitlam.
  • Personal and/or professional experience, such as:
    • Knowledge and understanding of the City as a whole
    • Commitment as a change-agent for matters in the community;
    • Experience working in teams, with community groups, boards or organizations.

Click here to view terms of reference.

Citizen Advisor Application Form
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I hereby declare that the above information is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that a false statement may disqualify me from further consideration as a volunteer or result in dismissal.

Authorization for Collection of Personal Information: The City of Port Coquitlam is permitted to collect the information on this form under section 26(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act to administer your application. If you have any questions or concerns about this collection, please contact the Corporate Officer at 604-927-5421 or at

I understand that:
A Police Record Search is required for potential volunteers who are applying for positions that are considered to have, or potentially have, interaction or contact with children, youth and other vulnerable groups. Volunteer placement is made on the basis of the program requirements, the skills and experience of the applicant and, when appropriate, successful reference checks and a police record search. Prior to placement, written parental/guardian consent is required for volunteers under the age of 19.



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