Council Remuneration

The purpose of Council remuneration is to provide an incentive for community members to hold public office and to show appreciation for those that dedicate their time and effort to the governance responsibility of City services, operations and programs.

Remuneration for Port Coquitlam City Council is calculated annually in accordance with Council Remuneration Policy #7.14.03  and is intended to provide fair compensation in a transparent manner. On March 27, 2018 Council approved an adjustment to their remuneration, effective January 2019 to offset the impact of the elimination of the 1/3 non-accountable Municipal Officers’ Allowance on net pay. In accordance with Port Coquitlam’s Council Remuneration Policy, the remuneration rates for Council as of January 1, 2020 are as follows:

  • Mayor – $127,840 per annum
  • Mayor’s transportation allowance – $7,924 per annum
    • Mayor’s Total Annual Remuneration = $135,764
  • Councillor – $44,385 per annum
  • Acting Mayor Stipend – $3,923 per annum.  Each Councillor is assigned two months per year to serve as Acting Mayor.
  • Acting Mayor transportation allowance $204 per annum.  Each Councillor is assigned two months per year to serve as Acting Mayor.
    • Councillor’s Total Annual Remuneration = $48,512

Mayor and Council’s monthly expenses

Mayor and Council’s reimbursement for expenses are posted monthly.


Karen Grommada
Director of Finance
Tel 604.927.5305