Official Community Plan

The Official Community Plan (OCP) represents the City’s vision for the future growth and development of the community.

The OCP:

  • Guides development by establishing policies and designating land for specific uses.
  • Provides clear direction as to how the community will grow and change in the coming years.

The official version of the land use designation map can be found in the OCP, but land use designations are also provided in PoCoMAP. The current OCP was adopted in 2005 and substantially updated in 2013 after Metro Vancouver adopted its new Regional Growth Strategy.

OCP Update

Work on a broader update of the OCP began in 2015 and has been guided by a “Livable Community” theme and the City’s vision of a happy, vibrant, safe community.

Work to Date

The City began updating specific sections of the OCP in 2015 with its ‘Let’s Talk’ series and has to date rolled out new guidelines and recommendations for:

  • Support of agricultural land and activities,
  • Housing alternatives such as coach houses, more duplexes and smaller lots,
  • Protecting industrial lands and expanding commercial opportunities,
  • Higher-density development along transit corridors,
  • A concept for revitalizing the downtown,
  • Preserving and promoting trees, and
  • Energy conservation in new construction.
Current and Upcoming Work

This year’s 2020 schedule includes:

  • a housing review to support more ground-level options such as townhomes, rentals and affordable housing.
  • streamlining design guidelines for specific types of development permit areas – including the downtown and northside commercial zone
  • setting targets for greenhouse gas emissions reductions and the city’s tree canopy coverage

Next year’s work will include updating the map of planned future land-use designations and minor policy updates, with 2022 dedicated to incorporating Regional Growth Strategy policies.

Community consultation will take place with physical distancing protocols in place, including the use of online surveys, for residents to provide input on city initiatives. Other methods may also be explored for a physically distant public hearing and other means for collecting the community.   


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