Council Priorities

Council has selected the three priorities to the right to guide the City’s budget and service-delivery, based on community feedback received throughout the year and through the annual budget survey and other public consultation.

These priorities will translate into budgeted activities with tangible results, organized into six key focus areas.

Overall, the focus is on getting the basics right – planning and providing core municipal services (such as roads, utilities and other infrastructure, safety and recreation) that matter to residents and businesses.

These are the building blocks for a safe, family-friendly community with affordable places to live at all stages of life, good-paying jobs, thriving businesses, and desired amenities and services.

How We Work

The work of Council and staff is guided by the following principles:

  • Building a Strong Organization – Our culture is focused on providing the best service possible by working collaboratively, choosing the right people for the job, and staff training and development.
  • Spending Responsibly – We’re committed to making the best use of taxpayers’ dollars. This includes planning for the future, targeting our resources and continually working to be more efficient and effective.
  • Getting it Done – When we budget for a project or service, we follow through to make sure it is delivered.
  • Engaging Our Community – We regularly engage the community to keep them informed and ensure they have a say in decision making.

Key Priorities

  • Improving our customer service
  • Investing in our infrastructure
  • Enhancing community safety

Key Focus Areas

  • Managing City finances and assets responsibly
  • Creating a vibrant downtown
  • Focusing on safety
  • Planning for the future
  • Improving transportation and mobility
  • Enhancing our environment

Key Focus Areas

Please note: focus areas and activities may be adjusted over time to address emerging issues or changing circumstances.

Managing City Finances and Assets Responsibly

Goal: Provide long-term value for tax dollars through sound management of finances and assets.


  • Completing annual reviews of core service levels to ensure they continue to be a priority,
  • Developing standards for neighbourhood road and utility rehabilitation to clearly set out the planned level of improvement,
  • Creating 10-year capital and financial plans, including policies for the use of long-term reserves and for categorizing new and replacement items,
  • Developing an asset management plan for long-term planning, maintenance and replacement of the city’s capital assets,
  • Updating servicing regulations to ensure the appropriate infrastructure for new development is required at the right times,
  • Reviewing development cost charges to ensure appropriate fees are being collected from new developments,
  • Creating a plan to manage existing city-owned property and strategic land acquisitions, and
  • Evaluating how the city manages its cash, investments and debts to ensure the city is on sound financial footing for the years to come.
Creating a Vibrant Downtown

Goal: Revitalize the downtown, creating a welcoming, pedestrian-friendly destination where people gather, celebrate, shop, work, live and access services.


  • Implementing actions in the Downtown Concept Plan, including strategic redevelopment that revitalizes the area while retaining its charm and character,
  • Increasing arts and culture activities and festivals, and
  • Constructing infrastructure to support downtown revitalization, including streetscape improvements and extending Donald Pathway through the heart of the downtown.
Improving Transportation and Mobility

Goal: Ensure drivers, pedestrians and cyclists have safe, effective options for getting around the City.


  • Investing in neighbourhood rehabilitation through a phased program to upgrade roads and utilities to modern standards,
  • Planning and advocating for SkyTrain to come to Port Coquitlam, beginning with preparation of a high-level business case,
  • Advocating for Vancouver Port Authority railway separation projects at the Kingsway Avenue, Westwood Street and Pitt River Road crossings, and
  • Developing a new Transportation Master Plan to replace the now-complete 2010 plan.
Planning for the Future

Goal: Plan for future growth and services in a way that meets community needs and supports quality of life and investment in our community.


  • Completing construction of the Port Coquitlam Community Centre, planned for 2021,
  • Investing in trail, park, field and playground improvements,
  • Updating a variety of Official Community Plan policies and guidelines to guide future growth,
  • Improving housing options for families, including policies that promote more townhouses/ground-oriented housing,
  • Planning for future growth by considering higher density development near transit hubs and corridors,
  • Improving turnaround times for development applications and setting targets, and
  • Reviewing policies and regulations to increase employment, and in particular attract more businesses that offer high-paying jobs.
Focusing on Safety

Goal: Ensure citizens feel safe in their homes and throughout the community.


  • Addressing speeding and school zone safety with traffic calming measures, public education and enforcement,
  • Investing in pedestrian and cycling safety, particularly near parks and schools,
  • Reviewing options for delivery of police services, including comparison of the pros and cons of both a municipal force and RCMP, and
  • Reviewing key bylaws, and evaluating service levels and bylaw enforcement policies to consider where more proactive enforcement may be necessary.
Enhancing our Environment

Goal: Plan for a healthy environment and a changing climate


  • Creating a plan to identify, mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change on city services and the community,
  • Developing a forest management plan that includes a tree canopy target and tree planting strategy,
  • Assessing the health of local watercourses and developing an improvement plan, and
  • Updating the city’s greenhouse gas targets and working to reduce emissions.

Council 2020-2022 Priorities