Leisure Guide

Check out our Leisure Guide four times a year to learn about leisure activities for all ages, interests and skill levels.

Spring Leisure Guide

Please note: Changes to program information may occur after a Guide has been printed. The online and PDF versions have the latest updates.

Registration opens February 24.

Winter Leisure Guide

Please note: Changes to program information may occur after a Guide has been printed. The online and PDF versions have the latest updates.

How to Register Online

Program registration is available online using ExperienceIt.ca. Create a customer account online to register. If you have questions about our online registration system please read our FAQs.

Program Registration Dates

Summer 2017 was May 6
Fall 2017 - Registration begins July 29
Winter 2018 - Registration begins November 18

Leisure Guide Distribution Dates

Leisure Guides are available for pick-up at City recreation facilities on the Thursday prior to registration day. They are also delivered through the local newspaper the week of registration day.


If you have any questions please contact 604.927.PLAY (7529) or 604.927.7946

Gift Cards

Give the gift of health and fun! Reloadable cards can be loaded in any denomination over $10 and used toward admission into any of our recreation facilities, any recreation program, service, merchandise, or membership plans.

Please note that cards are not redeemable for cash and are non-refundable. Lost, stolen or damaged cards cannot be replaced. Terms and conditions may change without notice.

Where to purchase or load your card?

You can buy or reload an experienceit.card using Visa, MasterCard, debit or cash (no cheques) at:

Hyde Creek Recreation Centre, 1379 Laurier Avenue, 604.927.7946
Port Coquitlam Recreation Complex, 2150 Wilson Avenue, 604.927.7970
The Outlet, #110 - 2248 McAllister Avenue, 604.927.8400
The Gathering Place, #200-2253 Leigh Square, 604.927.7900

Registration Dates

Winter Registration opens the 3rd Saturday in November.

Spring Registration opens the last Saturday in February.

Summer Registration opens the 1st Saturday in May.

Fall Registration opens the last Saturday in July.

Please note: Schedule and program changes to may occur after a Leisure Guide has been printed. 

Registration Information:

  • Registration begins after 12:00 am (midnight) on experienceit.ca
  • After 8:30 am at 604.927.PLAY (7529)
  • In person during regular operating hours at Hyde Creek Recreation Centre or the PoCo Recreation Complex
  • In person after 10 am at The Outlet

Participant Information Forms (Waivers)

The City of Port Coquitlam requires all participants in their day or week-long camps to have a signed Participant Information Form on file. This form can be downloaded here.

Please contact the Recreation Department (604.927.7529 or 604.927.7970 or 604.927.7946 / recreation@portcoquitlam.ca) to obtain this form through the mail or by email. This form must be returned to either the Hyde Creek Recreation Centre, Port Coquitlam Recreation Complex, Leigh Square Community Arts Village prior to the start of the participant’s program.