L-R Back Row: Cllr. Glenn Pollock, Cllr. Darrell Penner, Cllr. Steve Darling, Cllr. Dean Washington, Front Row: Cllr. Laura Dupont, Mayor Brad West, Cllr. Nancy McCurrach

L-R Back Row: Cllr. Glenn Pollock, Cllr. Darrell Penner, Cllr. Steve Darling, Cllr. Dean Washington
L-R Front Row: Cllr. Laura Dupont, Mayor Brad West, Cllr. Nancy McCurrach

City Council is a legislative body that provides leadership to the City’s government, and is elected every four years by the citizens of Port Coquitlam.

Council is made up of the Mayor and six Councillors. The Mayor chairs the Council meetings.

Port Coquitlam City Council is committed to ensuring the priorities of local citizens guide its policies and decisions on civic matters, such as land use and budgets.

Council Meetings

City Council meetings will be returning to virtual meetings to ensure the safety of the public, staff and Council members.

How to stay informed on Council Meetings:

Public hearing comments for rezoning applications can be provided to publichearings@portcoquitlam.ca or mailed to: Corporate Office, 2580 Shaughnessy St., Port Coquitlam V3C 2A8. Comments for public hearings will be received up until the meeting.

City Council holds two regular meetings each month (excluding August). 2020 Council Meeting Schedule

Agendas and minutes are available online.

Committee of Council

Committee of Council will replace all previous committees. All city matters requiring a Council decision will now first be discussed by Committee of Council, which will either request changes or further information, or send them on to Council for a formal decision. This committee structure is common in many other cities and helps streamline the decision-making process.

Council & Committee Meetings

Mayor & Council

Learn about the members of Council and their contact information. Please note that only the Mayor maintains regular office hours at City Hall.

Mayor Brad West

Telephone: 604.927.5410
Email: westb@portcoquitlam.ca

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Councillor Steve Darling

Telephone: 604.788.7391


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Councillor Laura Dupont

Telephone: 604.328.8026
Email: dupontl@portcoquitlam.ca

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Councillor Nancy McCurrach

Telephone: 778.222.8896

Email: mccurrachn@portcoquitlam.ca

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Councillor Darrell Penner

Telephone: 604.916.0459
Email: pennerd@portcoquitlam.ca

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Councillor Glenn Pollock

Telephone: 604.771.4415
Email: pollockg@portcoquitlam.ca

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Councillor Dean Washington

Telephone: 604.317.7045
Email: washingtond@portcoquitlam.ca

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Tel: 604.927.5410
Email: citycouncil@portcoquitlam.ca

Location and Mailing Address

City of Port Coquitlam
City Hall, 2580 Shaughnessy Street
Port Coquitlam BC
V3C 2A8

Mayor’s Office Hours
8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Monday to Friday (excluding statutory holidays)