Kingsway Avenue Upgrades

Major upgrades to Kingsway Avenue between Tyner Street and Mary Hill Bypass will improve traffic flow, parking, safety, and facilities for walkers and cyclists.

Kingsway Avenue is part of the TransLink major road network (MRN), which supports the efficient movement of large volumes of people and goods and connects provincial highways to municipal road networks.

Most of Kingsway currently has one travel lane in each direction, with parking permitted on both sides of the road in some areas and sidewalks in some sections.

Planning and Timing

The City completed a transportation study, conceptual and detailed designs in 2019 and 2020 to address existing and future traffic performance, new development, increasing truck traffic and queuing, property access/egress, traffic signal operations, business parking and lack of active transportation facilities such as paths and bicycle lanes.

Construction of the Multi-Use Pathway between Tyner Street and Kebet Way is anticipated over the next several years. Additional construction improvements anticipated to be phased through to 2026, pending available funding.

The proposed scope of work addresses anticipated traffic increases until 2029. Traffic volume increases beyond 2029 may require two travel lanes and further road modifications.

Staff Reports:

Planned Features

The City will make the following improvements to Kingsway Avenue:

  • One travel lane in each direction and a shared centre turn lane for turning in and out of businesses
  • Parking lane on the south side and parking pockets on the north side
  • Intersection improvements, including additional turning lanes and right turn signal at McLean Avenue and Broadway Street
  • Right in/right out intersection at Tyner Street
  • New sidewalk on the south side
  • Multi-use pathway and planted boulevard on the north side
  • Fibre optics and new streetlighting

Parking and Pedestrian Safety

Based on a parking assessment of demand and needs along the Kingsway Avenue corridor, the City is proposing curb extensions on the north side for the safety of pedestrians using the new multi-use path and to provide better visibility for drivers.

Parking will be provided in between the curb extensions on the north side, with minimal impact on the number of available spaces. Parking will continue to be available along Kingsway’s south side. 



The City is seeking to better understand the needs of property and business owners and operators to ensure they are incorporated in the design.

Traditionally an open house would be held for this purpose, but in light of current COVID-19 restrictions, individual meetings via Zoom or phone calls can be set up to discuss specific questions, concerns and needs. Property and business owners are invited to contact Engineering & Public Works at 604.927.5420 or to set up a meeting.

Construction Impacts

While all construction involves some disruption and inconvenience, the City and project contractor will work closely with property and business owners and operators along Kingsway Avenue to minimize impacts and provide timely notice of activities that affect them.

Permanent signage, electrical components, sprinkler systems, walls and fences may be installed on the City boulevard along the roadway. The City will work with business and property owners that have made improvements on the City boulevard to ensure their features can be relocated prior to construction and re-installed after construction.
Construction will cause some waits and detours, but the City will work to minimize the inconvenience to drivers and corridor users. Alternate routes will be provided and scheduling will take into account peak traffic hours.
If access to properties must be temporarily impacted during construction, the contractor will provide proper notice and signage to guide customers to alternative access points. The contractor and the City will arrange for a meeting prior to beginning any work that may impact  businesses.


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