Public Works Week

Public Works Open House

May 15 – 21, 2022 is Public Works Week. This year’s theme is “Ready & Resilient.” Public works professionals are always ready to serve their communities, and resilient as ever in their abilities to pick themselves up off the ground after encountering challenges.

Port Coquitlam residents are invited to our Public Works Open House in celebration of Public Works Week. Join us on May 28 from 10am-2pm at the Public Works Yard (1737 Broadway St). Learn more about the public works services that you use every day and the contributions our Public Works professionals make in the community!

Insider’s Look at Public Works

Curious about how water gets from the reservoir to your tap? Want to see some big trucks up close? Wonder what you can put into each waste cart?

You can get an insider’s look at Port Coquitlam’s Public Works services – from water to waste, roads to parks – at our Public Works Open House or through our feature videos of the behind-the-scenes of City services.

In Port Coquitlam, we are all about getting the basics right for our community and Public Works are key to delivering the core services that matter to our residents and we rely on as part of our daily lives.

These include:

  • clean and safe water to our City when you turn on the tap water
  • helping you get around safely with street cleaning, sidewalks, street lights, signage and lane markings
  • sewer services
  • garbage and green waste collection and recycling services
  • parks and playgrounds for families to enjoy

Meet our Public Works Team


The Streets Department is responsible for:

  • Snow plow and ice control
  • Hot mix asphalt UT cuts and maintain the roads
  • Maintain ditches and streams, maintain and or remove beaver dams
  • Maintain and dust control back lanes
  • Maintain and inspect the dikes check river levels during freshet
  • Maintain storm pump stations
  • Maintain sidewalks and driveway let downs
  • Respond and clean up environmental spills and or hazards
  • Inspect and maintain city bridges
  • Pick up illegal dumping
  • Prepare and respond to Emergency’s like Fires, MVAs and flooding

Streets Facts

  • 300,000 litre of deicing liquid was sprayed in 2020. It is a mixture of  23% salt to water
  • We picked up 105 tonnes of illegal dumping in 2020

Meet Steve


The Administration Department is the front line for Public Works. Staff are responsible for answering, replying and distributing inquiries from the Public and other departments in the City. Staff are also responsible for sending maps for BC One calls, processing road closures, tree permits and various other administrative tasks in the Department.

Administration Facts

In 2020, Public Works administration processed 8,658 requests for service.

Meet Audrey

The Port Coquitlam Cemetery is a beautiful, tranquil place. Many people choose to inter and visit their loved ones here in this peaceful setting. The Cemetery crew have planted a scattering garden, blooming cherry trees, spring & summer display beds, and it has an expansive lush, green grass.
Cemetery Facts
The Port Coquitlam Cemetery is the resting place for the founders of our community, including hometown hero Terry Fox. It also has a wonderful woodland garden walk and is a great place to observe nature. We regularly hosts many different bird species, bear and near resident deer.
Meet Lisa

The Traffic Department is responsible for:

  • Maintaining 22 sewage lift stations, 15 water pressure reducing stations, 2 water pump booster stations and 10 Storm water pump stations.
  • Repairing, upgrading and maintaining 54 Traffic signals and 3000 street lights
  • Maintaining all electrical for facilities including 2 recreation centres, 3 outdoor pools, public works and city hall
  • Maintenance and new installations of all city signs and road marking

Traffic Facts

  • 3000 street lights
  • Operate 54 traffic Signals
  • Communication to 100% of our traffic signals which we use to monitor the status of a combined 1264 possible points of possible malfunction every minute. That is 1,820,160 requests of status every 24 hours
  • Cameras seen at intersections are used for vehicle traffic detection as well as remote monitoring

Meet Dave



The Urban Forestry section in the City maintains the trees, trails and natural areas on public land. They manage the tree bylaw to preserve and protect the trees and tree canopy to ensure a greener future for Port Coquitlam. Our team is made up of two arborists, a trails technician, a trail and a tree worker and a compliment of seasonal staff. We coordinate staffing to support special events and look forward to celebrating with our community in the future.

Urban Forestry Facts

There are:

  • 2731 Street Trees in the City
  • 55km of trails

Meet Scott

About our Solid Waste department:

  • Collect 3 streams of waste
  • Supply and maintain waste carts and locks
  • Litter collection and receptacle maintenance at various locations around the City including bus stops
  • Street sweeping
  • Education on waste sorting

Sanitation Facts

In Port Coquitlam, we service at total of:


  • Single Family Homes – 13,733
  • Industrial, commercial, and institutional – 62
  • Multi-Family Homes – 78

Green Waste

  • Single Family Homes – 13,660
  • Industrial, commercial, and institutional – 75
  • Multi-Family Homes – 2,677


  • Single Family Homes – 13,748
  • Industrial, commercial, and institutional – 173
  • Multi-Family Homes – 3,773

Meet Shawn

The Horticulture Crew cares for all the garden beds in the City. This includes the beautiful Donald St. Walkway, City Hall grounds, Hyde Creek Pollinator Garden and Shaughnessy St. hanging baskets. We plant over 14,000 spring flowering bulbs and summer flowering annuals every year. The Horticulture team does all this with a horticulture supervisor, 2 or 3 horticulture technicians, and seasonal gardening staff.

Horticulture Facts

They maintain 32,045 m2 of garden beds.

Meet Anna


The Fleet department is an essential and integral part of the Public Works team.

Our primary responsibility is the maintenance and repair of the City`s vehicle and equipment. The City has a broad range of units in the fleet including small equipment such as weedeaters all the way up to excavators and backhoes. Our staff is experienced and efficient, always willing to go the extra mile to ensure the fleet is maintained for peak efficiency. We also have the added responsibility of working with different departments to spec out and procure vehicles and equipment that are essential to the City’s operational requirements.

Shop/Fleet Facts

On average approximately 200 – 300 work orders per month are generated, completing on average 40 oil changes and services we have over 600 units in our fleet a mix of light duty, heavy duty vehicles and specialized equipment. Our technicians are proficient on all manner of vehicles and equipment ranging from small equipment such as weedeaters and generators to cars , pickup trucks, dump trucks , back hoes, excavators and snow removal equipment.

Meet Kyle

Park maintenance covers a wide area of the City. Work is scheduled to certain areas and parks.

The work is most busy in the spring to summer months when the weather is conducive for going outside.

Parks maintenance work includes:

  • Garbage and litter collection in parks, street bins, cul de sacs, parking lots and anywhere else that is needed
  • Graffiti
  • Clean up of illegal dumping
  • Opening, closing, maintenance and janitorial of all washrooms buildings in the parks
  • Putting up banners/ flags
  • Pressures washing of all park sites
  • Maintenance of playgrounds
  • Irrigation throughout the city
  • Maintenance and repairs of all benches, picnic tables, bollards and fencing throughout all parks

Park Maintenance Facts

Did you know that parks maintains:

  • 32 playgrounds
  • 341 benches
  • 78 picnic Tables

Meet Charisse


The Utilities section of the City’s Public Works Department provides the City’s residents and businesses with essential services, namely water, sanitary and often storm water connections. We are the conveyor of the water supplied by Metro Vancouver to your homes and business premises and take away your liquid waste for treatment by Metro Vancouver. Given our proactive approach, a large degree of the work we do is preventative maintenance, such as water main flushing, catch-basin clean outs and sewer jetting, thereby increasing the life of our system and also ensuring that the services we provide are effective and efficient. We also respond to reactive requests and seek to remedy resident issues in a timely and complete manner. A further area where we support the City’s growth is in assisting with system upgrades and connections and disconnection for developers.

Meet Steve

Turf crew maintains 16 sand and soil sports fields, 2 artificial turf fields and 23 ball fields. This includes 2 skate bowls, 3 lacrosse boxes and 8 sport court complexes. The crew also takes care of all mowing, trimming and leaf clean up throughout the City and joint use sportsfields, passive parks, and boulevards.

Turf Facts

  • 40 ha of sports fields

Meet Richard



Tel: 604.927.5496
Emergency After Hours: 604.543.6700

Location and Mailing Address

Public Works
1737 Broadway Street
Port Coquitlam BC V3C 2M9

7:00 am to 3:30 pm, Monday to Friday (excluding statutory holidays)