Heritage Resource Register

A Heritage Register is an official list of heritage resources identified as having heritage value or heritage character. A register can help enhance a community’s heritage values by providing for formal recognition of historic places and integration of heritage conservation into land use planning.

Properties on a register are recognized by a community as helping to tell the story and define the unique character of the community. These properties may be eligible for special provisions in the BC Building Code, provincial or federal funding and other heritage programs and incentives.

Inclusion of a property on heritage register does not provide formal protection, impose additional restrictions on the use of the building or limit the changes an owner makes to a property. Municipalities do have the authority to temporary withhold certain approvals or permits and order a heritage inspection for buildings listed on a register.

Port Coquitlam’s Heritage Register currently has two City-owned properties:

Help us grow our Heritage Register:

The City welcomes voluntary nominations for new resources to be added to our Heritage Register.

Nominated resources must be considered to be of heritage significance to justify its inclusion on a Register. At minimum, a resource must first be listed on the City’s heritage resources inventory. In addition, consideration will be given to the architectural value, cultural historical value, context and integrity of the resource.

Nomination requirements:

Nominations must include a Statement of Significance – a three-part document that explains the significance of a historic place.

Nominations also must adhere to the documentation standards contained in the Canadian Register of Historic Places: Document Standards Handbook. These requirements include information on the identification, formal recognition, location, description, documentation, and administration, as well as images of the heritage resource.

Nominations for resources which impact private property must include written permission from the property owner.

The City will review all nominations on an annual basis. Those which meet the criteria noted above will be considered for inclusion on the City’s register.

Need help?

There are a number of resources available to assist property owners who which to learn more about registering their property on a Heritage Register:

The British Columbia Heritage Branch has guidebooks and other written resources on Heritage Registers, including information the documentation requirements and process for writing statements of significance.

Heritage BC has numerous relevant publications and hosts workshops and webinars to assist in recognizing heritage values, researching a property and writing statements of significance.

Heritage BC also has a list of Heritage Professionals who may be able to assist property owners in identifying  the heritage values of your property and compiling the information necessary to be listed on a Heritage Register.

The Port Coquitlam Heritage and Cultural Society maintains the City’s archives and may be able to assist in researching the history of your property, or compiling the required nomination information.