Public Alerting System for Emergencies

To stay informed during emergencies, sign up to receive City emergency alerts by downloading the free Alertable app. The new service will keep subscribers up-to-date with emergency alerts in the case of fires, floods, earthquakes, storms and other hazards. Alerts deliver crucial information and safety instructions to keep you safe.

Port Coquitlam joins a growing number of cities in Metro Vancouver and elsewhere that have signed up for Alertable. The app was developed by Public Emergency Alerting Services Inc. (PEASI), a Canadian mass notification software company involved in developing industry standards and guidelines for public alerts and notifications in Canada and around the world.

The app is the latest addition to the City’s ongoing emergency planning work that includes public education – such as free community courses and resources  – along with training of staff and volunteers, participating in local and regional exercises, stockpiling equipment and resources, and preparing Emergency Support Services (ESS) that will offer reception centres, lodging and other help after a disaster.

During larger regional emergencies, Alertable works in tandem with provincial or federal notification systems, such as Alert Ready, by providing localized information and instructions from the City’s staff or Emergency Operations Centre (EOC). The notifications pushed through the app can also be found by searching the location on the Alertable website.

Alert Settings

All app users receive Critical Alerts for large-scale emergencies and natural disasters, including evacuation alerts and orders. However, there are plenty of ways to adjust alert settings. Customizable features include:

  • Make Critical Alerts silent or have sounds.
  • Make sounds override a device’s silent mode.
  • Selected location for alerts (currently the entire City of Port Coquitlam).
  • Option to receive Advisory Alerts about disruptions and events that may escalate.
  • Option to receive Information Alerts about news and events in their selected locations.
  • Option to have sounds accompany notifications.
  • Option to receive Critical Alerts in your current location even when outside your selected location.

Your settings can be updated at anytime by opening the app and selecting ‘Settings.’

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Alert Ready the same as Alertable?

The Alertable app is not to be confused with the national public alerting system, Alert Ready. The two systems are used for different types of notifications, e.g. Alert Ready provides generalized emergency notifications province-wide and Alertable will be used by City staff to advise residents of emergencies that require immediate action(s) to protect life and property. The best way to get all relevant notifications within the community is to download Alertable.

I received two messages when Alert Ready did their test on May 4, 2022. Why did that happen?

The Alertable app re-broadcasts Alert Ready notifications, so you may receive Alert Ready messages twice. However, it doesn’t work the other way around. You must have Alertable to receive Alertable-issued notifications.

Both Alert Ready and the Alertable app will be used to notify you of urgent incidents where you may need to take quick action. It may seem silly to receive the same message twice from time to time, but there are benefits. The Alertable app can help when you are out of cell range, but are connected to internet. Also, remember, these systems will be used for big emergencies.

Why download Alertable?

The City will use Alertable for emergencies such as fires, floods, earthquakes, and disruptive hazardous material events. Subscribing to Alertable will ensure you get notified quickly and directly from City staff about what to do.

More questions?

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions on the Alertable website.

Click here: Alertable FAQ

Download Alertable

Download the free Alertable app from your mobile phone, tablet, computer, or smart speaker.


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