Grey Cart – Garbage

Port Coquitlam provides biweekly collection of garbage carts (grey lid). Everything placed in this cart goes to the landfill.

We encourage households to make use of their green cart, blue cart, recycling depots  and waste disposal alternatives to reduce what is sent to the landfill and to avoid higher disposal fees.

Port Coquitlam residents currently divert about 66% of their waste from the landfill. If we sort our waste properly, about 75% of what is typically thrown away can go into the green and blue carts, to a recycling depot or to a take-back program.

Only put carts out on the street from 5:30 – 7:30 am on collection day and secure them again by 7 pm.

Five things you can do to send less to the landfill

  1. Recycle better: Make sure everyone in your family is recycling everything they can, and in the proper way.
  2. Put it in the pail: Have a lidded pail handy in your kitchen to collect food scraps, leftovers and food-soiled papers for your green/kitchen waste cart.
  3. Bring ’em back: Bring all beverage containers (including tetra-paks and milk cartons/jugs), as well as soup/sauce tetra-paks, back to the bottle depot.
  4. Be bear smart: keep your neighbourhood safe from bears.
  5. Consider a composter: It’s most efficient to address waste as close to the source as possible.

What Can Go into a Grey Cart?

Grey Cart Accepted and Not Accepted Items
Grey Cart Accepted and Not Accepted Items

Garbage disposal tips

  • Bag disposable diapers separately and use heavier gauge bags, preferably biodegradable ones. Sprinkle baking soda on soiled diaper and in bag before you tie it shut.
  • Rinse raw meat and fish residue or blood off of styrofoam trays or plastic bags before disposing of them.
  • Sprinkle baking soda over smelly items before bagging them.
  • Whenever possible, choose products with less packaging, or with packaging that can be recycled. Buy in bulk when you can.
  • Whenever possible, buy and use refillable or reusable containers.
  • Try to donate or sell unwanted items rather than throwing them away. Even items that might need repair may be desired by others (e.g. for parts).
  • Make sure all messy or smelly waste is securely bagged before putting it in your cart.
  • Regularly rinse out your cart with your hose or a vinegar/water solution to control odours.

Sort it Right! Search Tool

Confused about which cart a Ziploc bag goes into or where to put styrofoam? Try out the Sort it Right tool that will make it easier for you to put your waste in the right place. Enter an item below to see how to recycle or safely dispose of it.

Important Information

  • All garbage must fit into the carts provided and the lids must close completely; no extra material will be collected.
  • Yard trimmings are not permitted in garbage carts and will not be collected unless it is in the proper cart.
  • Larger or extra carts are available for additional fees.  Residents who wish to change the size of their carts should request a Change of Service


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