The City strives to meet Port Coquitlam’s current and future housing demands by providing an appropriate mix of housing types, location, tenure and price.

Affordable and Family Friendly Housing

In October of 2018, Port Coquitlam updated its bylaws and policies to boost the City’s supply of affordable and family-oriented housing, following extensive consideration and research.

The City adopted a new Affordable and Family Friendly Housing Policy and amended the Density Bonus Policy, Zoning Bylaw and parking regulations to:

  • Ensure all new multi-family housing projects include at least 25 per cent family-oriented units and at least five per cent three-bedroom units;
  • Support the creation of more family-friendly amenity spaces;
  • Support the building of new affordable housing by requiring that 10 per cent of additional density achieved through rezoning and Official Community Plan amendments be secured non-market rental units; and
  • Increase the viability of family-friendly and affordable housing by reducing parking requirements for three-bedroom units and non-market rental projects, and allowing partial payment cash-in-lieu for secured market rental projects.

Housing Options

As part of implementation of the City’s Housing Action Plan, in the summer of 2016, the City undertook a comprehensive community consultation process called “Let’s Talk Housing Options”. Resulting changes include:

  • Allowing for Coach Houses at the rear of eligible single-family lots, through a streamlined Development Permit process;
  • Permitting duplexes in the Small Lot Residential (RS4) zone, reducing the minimum distance between duplexes in other areas, and ensuring that these fit the surrounding context by improving design guidelines; and
  • Expanding opportunities for smaller (9.5 m and 12 m wide) lots by reducing the minimum lot width in the small lot (RS4) zone, expanding the area designated to allow for this zone, and opening the door to more rezonings to the medium lot zone (RS2) where there is a community benefit.

Stay tuned for future Housing Action Plan implementation, including a review of townhouse and rowhouse regulations, and a review and update of rental housing policies.

Housing Action Plan

In 2015, the City’s Smart Growth Committee endorsed a Housing Action Plan intended to meet the requirements of Metro Vancouver’s Regional Growth Strategy.

The plan describes our current and future housing needs and proposes six directions for meeting housing demands:

  • Expand opportunities for housing within residential neighbourhoods:This direction has been implemented through the 2016 “Let’s Talk Housing Options” review and resulting changes.
  • Increase options for ground-oriented housing:This direction will be implemented through an upcoming review of townhouse and rowhouse regulations.
  • Direct residential growth to transit-oriented locations and municipal centres: This direction is implemented through Official Community Plan policy and on-going changes to policy for the Lougheed highway corridor.
  • Protect and expand rental housing:With recent changes to provincial regulations allowing municipalities to zone for rental housing, rental housing policies will be reviewed in 2019.
  • Address housing needs of a growing seniors’
  • Encourage social housing projects by senior levels of government.

Supporting Social Housing

The City encourages senior levels of government to provide social housing, and supports the creation of new social housing that meets community needs and objectives. Prospective social housing providers are encouraged to contact the Planning Division for early advice to ensure a comprehensive application and guidance regarding the development process.

The City’s “Processing of Development Applications Proposals Policy” supports proposals from non-profit social housing providers or government agencies for the development of special needs housing by:

  • Expediting application review; and
  • Waiving application fees for OCP amendments, Zoning Bylaw amendments, Development Permits, Development Variance Permits and Temporary Use permits.

Half of the funds received through the City’s Density Bonus Policy are deposited in a social housing amenity fund for affordable and special needs housing purposes.

Non-profit housing providers that are registered charities can apply for permissive tax exemptions for up to 10 years, under the City’s “Permissive Tax Exemption Policy”.


There are a variety or resources available in the Tri-Cities to assist people who find themselves without a home.

Tri-Cities Homelessness & Housing Task Group (TCHHTG)

This community task group works to end homelessness in Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, and Port Moody. Visit the TCHHTG website for a list of resources such as a survival guide for the region which includes available services to those who are in need of income and employment assistance, shelter, community policing offices, meals, food banks, clothing, laundry and shower services, and medical and/or addictions help.

3030 Gordon

3030 Gordon is an emergency shelter in Coquitlam for men and women who are homeless in the Tri-Cities. The facility is operated by RainCity Housing and includes 30 emergency shelter beds and 30 transitional housing units. Pets are welcome and three meals a day are provided.

Hope for Freedom Society

Hope for Freedom Society provides a range of housing, counselling, support and referral services with a focus on people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in the Tri-Cities.

Senior Services Society

The Seniors Services Society provides housing support and services for individuals over the age of 60.

Tri-Cities Street Survival Guide

This guide provides a variety of listings of available services to those who are in need such as: income and employment assistance office locations, shelter, community policing offices, meals, food banks, clothing, laundry and shower services, and medical and/or addictions help.

Other Resources


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