Where Does it Go?

Sort it Right! Search Tool

Confused about which cart a Ziploc bag goes into or where to put styrofoam? Try out the Sort it Right tool that will make it easier for you to put your waste in the right place. Click on Sort it Right and enter an item to see how to recycle or safely dispose of it.

Can’t find the item you’re looking for? Contact us at ambassadors@portcoquitlam.ca for help. We can then add the item to the database.

Sort & Report app

Use this free app to access your collection schedule, search tool, report a city issue, get emergency notifications and more.

Sort It Right Guide

PDF Downloads

Download the Sort it Right! Guide-Waste Sorting & Services flipguide for a complete guide to sorting waste in Port Coquitlam.

Why Sort it Right

Port Coquitlam residents currently divert about 66% of their waste from the landfill. If we sort our waste properly, about 75% of what is typically thrown away can go into the green and blue carts, to a recycling depot or to a take-back program.

  • Avoid fines of up to $300 for continually putting the wrong things in your carts
  • Prevent hikes in City disposal fees and fines that are eventually passed on to taxpayers
  • Keep waste out of the landfill, where it releases gases and toxins


Tel: 604.927.5496
Email  publicworks@portcoquitlam.ca

Location and Mailing Address

Public Works 1737 Broadway Street Port Coquitlam BC V3C 2M9

7:00 am to 3:30 pm, Monday to Friday (excluding statutory holidays)