Watering Permit Application for Nematodes

Nematode Watering Permit
This form is only to be used if you are applying nematodes to your lawn.
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If you wish to treat your lawn with nematodes in order to control the Chafer Beetle, you must provide proof of purchase for a Permit. The permit will give you authorization to water the nematode treated lawn when Stage 1 or 2 Restrictions are in force, for a 21-day period falling within May 1 - October 15, at the premises described in the Permit.
Permits issued in Stage 1 or 2 remain in effect until permit expires.
No new Permits will be issued during Stage 3 or 4 Restrictions.
Permission for Use:

This permit is valid for a period of 21 days between May 1 to October 15, 2019. This permit allows watering outside of the restricted days and times, within the permit's validity period.

Note: This permit is only valid during Stage 1 and 2 water restriction levels and will not be renewed if the region moves into Stage 3 or 4 water restriction levels. Permits issued in Stages 1 or 2 remain in effect until permit expires.

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