Open Air Burning

Port Coquitlam restricts outdoor burning to specific types and locations to protect public health and safety. At times of high fire risk, the Fire Chief may issue a complete ban on open air burning that prohibits all outdoor burning except for cooking on a grill.

Overview of outdoor burning restrictions:

  • Outdoor burning of agricultural-related vegetation in piles, drums or incinerators is only permitted in A-1 Agricultural Zones, with a permit, typically between October and May. 
  • Outdoor burning in piles, drums or campfires is never permitted on non-agricultural private properties or in public spaces.
  • Propane or gas appliances such as barbecues, heaters or firepits are permitted on private property (but not in public spaces) and only when used in accordance with Bylaw No. 3880. 

About Open Air Burning in Port Coquitlam

In line with the Metro Vancouver’s Air Quality Control, the City of Port Coquitlam has established an Open Air Burning Bylaw to limit the contribution to air pollution.

In accordance with the City’s Fire and Emergency Services Bylaw, Burning Permits will be issued only for outdoor burning, in daylight hours, to burn orchard, berry, and vineyard pruning generated on site on properties zoned A-1 Agricultural.

Burning Permits are NOT issued if the materials to be burned contain materials other than those listed above.

Only properties zoned A-1 Agriculture can be issued Burning Permits for 8 months of the year and for a maximum of fifteen (15) days so no Burning Permits are issued during the months of June, July August or September.

The Fire Protective Services Division will ensure that all permits issued before June 1st of each year will expire on or before May 31st at 8:00 pm.

Metro Vancouver Air Quality Control advises that in addition to municipal requirements, all industry, trades, businesses and agricultural landowners are required to apply to Metro Vancouver for an Open Burning Approval prior to conducting an open burn. These approvals include requirements to minimize air emissions from open burning. For more information, please visit: Metro Vancouver – Open Burning.

Only burn when Metro Vancouver’s “Open Burning Advisory” indicates that burning is allowed. You must call 604-436-6777 and follow the prompts to find out whether open burning is allowed each day you plan to burn. This information is available daily after 8:30 a.m.

Getting a Burning Permit in A-1 Agricultural Zone

You may download this permit and email it to the Tax Office. Once you have purchased the permit, the Fire Department will inspect all materials to be burned prior to approval and issuance of the Burning Permit. We recommend that all materials to be burned are piled and ready for inspection.

A  non-refundable, $50.00 fee is charged for the application and inspection of materials to be burned when applying for a Burning Permit within the City of Port Coquitlam.

Burning Permits are issued for a period of fifteen (15) days. Extensions may be granted when inclement weather hampers burning. Permits will not be issued if  the British Columbia Forestry Services Coastal Fire Centre burning ban restrictions are in effect.

For information on the current burning ban restrictions, check out the Ministry of Forests website.

Port Coquitlam Fire and Emergency Services strictly enforces illegal burning. Fines are issued accordingly.

Keep Outdoor Spaces Safe

Residents can use approved BBQs or grills that use propane, natural gas and/or charcoal.

Follow these tips to help keep Port Coquitlam safe:

  • No open air burning is allowed in Port Coquitlam parks, natural areas and backyards, including campfires, open fires, or wood-burning barbecues, and wood-burning fire pits and appliances. The sole exception is on agricultural properties, where outdoor burning is only allowed with a permit and at specific times during the spring and fall.
  • Propane or natural gas heaters, firepits and decorative fire tables are permitted outdoors on private property when used in accordance to Fire and Emergency Services Bylaw No. 3880. They are not permitted in Port Coquitlam parks and natural areas.
  • Propane barbecues are allowed in most city parks except at all-weather turf fields, such as at Gates Park. Temporary bans may be in place during dry periods. Park visitors are advised to look for signs and never leave their barbecue unattended while it is on or hot.
  • Smoking and vaping are prohibited in all parks, trails, streets and public outdoor spaces.
  • During the summer and other dry periods, do not park your vehicle, motorcycle or gas-powered bicycle on or next to dry grass.
  • If you spot a fire, smell or see smoke, immediately call 9-1-1 and report your location.

More Tips for Safe Outdoor Burning

Regardless of the type of open air fire you are having, always use caution.

  • NEVER use flammable liquids, such as gasoline, to start your fire.
  • Remove all vegetation and other material that could spread the fire.
  • Maintain close supervision of children and pets.
  • Keep your fire on a noncombustible surface at least 50 feet from structures.
  • Have an adequate supply of water available to extinguish or control the fire.
  • Pay attention to wind conditions and potential spark hazards.

Be a Good Neighbour

While burning, it is your obligation to ensure that smoke does not interfere with the ability of your neighbours to enjoy their properties or conduct their business without disruption. Watch where your smoke travels and do not burn when there are smog alerts, foggy conditions or wind that will carry your smoke in a direction that will disrupt adjacent roadways or properties.


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