Dog Licences

In accordance with the City’s Animal Control Bylaw, dog licences are required for all dogs age six months and up in Port Coquitlam, with fees helping to pay for services such as sheltering and adoption of strays, and bylaw enforcement related to dogs at large, dog bites, excessive barking, aggressive dogs, and dog waste in public spaces.

Licences must be renewed by February 1 of each year.

How to renew a dog licence:

  • Renew an existing licence online by credit card here.
  • Visit City Hall, 2580 Shaughnessy St., to renew and pay by credit card, cheque or debit.
  • Drop off the renewal form and cheque (no cash) in the secure 24-hour drop box at the main entrance at City Hall.
  • Pay through your bank. To add the City as a payee, search for Port Coquitlam and select Dogs. Some banks will require the numbers 103 in front of the account number. Please note, the payment must arrive at the City by Feb. 1 to qualify for the discount, and banks may take several business days to process online payments.

How to get a new dog licence:

  • Complete an online application form here. A staff member will review the form and contact you for payment. Please note discount will be applied until end of day Feb. 1.
  • Visit Port Coquitlam City Hall at 2580 Shaughnessy St. to apply in person and to pay by credit card, cheque or debit.

​Dog Licensing Fees

Unneutered or Unspayed Dogs
Before Due Date: $80.00
After Due Date: $95.00
Neutered or Spayed Dogs*
Before Due Date: $32.00
After Due Date: $47.00
  • Licences are free for seeing eye or hearing assistance dogs with satisfactory proof.
  • Licences are free for new residents trading in a valid licence from another municipality.
  • Discounts are available for dogs that are acquired or spayed/neutered part way through the year, with valid documentation.

*Copy of neuter/spay certificate required for new applications.

Dog Tags and Decals

New applicants: A dog tag will be issued upon receipt of payment.

Renewals: Your existing tag will remain valid for multiple years. You may request a replacement if your tag is lost or damaged.


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