Walk, Cycle and Roll

Port Coquitlam promotes active forms of transportation – such as walking, cycling and rolling in a wheelchair or on skates or skateboards – for commuting and recreation with an extensive network of trails, pathways and cycling facilities.

Find out more about the City’s infrastructure investments and request improvements:

Traboulay PoCo Trail

The 25-kilometre Traboulay PoCo Trail, which encircles the community, is the foundation of Port Coquitlam’s trail network. View the trail guide, route updates and more information.

Cycling Resources

Tri-Cities Cycling Map

Updated in fall 2017, this map highlights bike routes, connections and facilities throughout Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam and Port Moody.

Free printed versions are available at City facilities or in PDF format below.

Port Coquitlam Cycling Routes & Amenities

Port Coquitlam has approximately 61 kilometres of bike routes and 25 bike racks, shown on the map below.

Walking Resources

Places to Walk: Downloadable Maps

Download the complete booklet, or open the menus to download individual PDF maps for the numbered walks on the map.

Walking Groups: Port Coquitlam Gets Walking!

All fitness levels are encouraged to participate in our walking groups. Leaders decide on duration of walks based on participant fitness levels.

Walks may be cancelled without notice. Always call the numbers below first to confirm the walk is happening and other details.

Noon: Downtown PoCo (The Outlet, Leigh Square)

9:30 am: Women’s Group (Hyde Creek Rec Centre)
Pippa, 604.941.8465

Noon: Downtown PoCo (The Outlet, Leigh Square)

9:30 am: Women’s Group (Wilson Centre)
Pippa, 604.941.8465

Walkers Wanted

Interested in starting a walking group? Contact us at 604.927.7983 or sports@portcoquitlam.ca and let us help you get started.