Property Taxes

The City of Port Coquitlam collects property taxes each year to pay for a range of services.

The annual property tax bill includes both municipal taxes and levies collected on behalf of schools, BC Assessment Authority, Greater Vancouver Regional District, TransLink and the Municipal Finance Authority.

Property tax bills are mailed out each year in mid-May.

Read about utility billings.

Speculation and Vacancy Tax

The speculation and vacancy tax is a part of the provincial government’s plan to make housing more affordable for people in the province. Click here for information on what you will need to do.

For more information please visit their website or to contact their offices please email or phone 1.833.554.2323.

2020 Property Taxes Extended Deadline – Sept. 30, 2020

Property owners who do not receive their property tax bill by the last week of May – particularly new owners – should contact the Tax Office immediately.

Property owners are responsible for making the payment and applying for the Home Owner Grant (if eligible) by the due date, regardless of whether or not they received a bill, problems with postal service, inclement weather or other circumstances.

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Payment Options

Property Tax Deferment

Prepayment Plan

Property Assessments

2020 Residential Tax Rates

2020 Residential Tax Rates and Property Taxes for an average residential property assessed at $735,185

Property Taxes FAQ

Why Have My Taxes Increased?

The following factors may affect the amount of your tax bill:

What Tax Relief Programs are Offered?
  • The Home Owner Grant is available to most residential property owners who occupy their property.
  • Tax deferment is a provincial loan program that assists qualifying BC homeowners in paying their annual property taxes.
What if My Taxes are Paid by a Financial Institution?
  • It is still the responsibility of the property owner to complete the Home Owner Grant application every year (if eligible).
  • To avoid penalties, submit the Home Owner Grant application online or directly to the Tax Office in person or by mail by the due date.
  • Your financial institution will request tax information directly from the City so you do not need to provide them with copy of the bill.
  • Water and sewer levies are the homeowner’s responsibility. Your financial institution is advised of property taxes only.

Which Amount Do I Pay on My Notice?
  • No Grant: Pay this amount if this property is not your principal residence.
  • Basic Grant: Pay this amount if you are the registered owner of the property and meet all residency qualifications.
  • Additional Grant: Pay this amount if you qualify for the regular grant and meet one of the additional qualifications.
Why Were Multiple Bills Mailed?

Each owner of the property receives a bill for notification purposes only. Only one payment is due per folio number/property.

Can I Make a Partial Payment?

Yes. If you are unable to make full payment of your taxes, we encourage partial payments prior to the due date. The 5% tax penalty is levied on any unpaid balance on the due date, therefore, any payment on your account will reduce the penalty amount that you are charged.

You should also claim your Home Owner Grant before the property tax due date.

What if the Bill is Not in My Name?

If you recently purchased the property, the name on the bill may be the previous owner. However, as the current owner you are responsible for the property tax levy. You must pay the full amount on the bill and claim the Home Owner Grant (if eligible) by the due date to avoid penalty.

If you are not on title, we require a copy of the Freehold Transfer to claim the Home Owner Grant. Please contact the Tax Department to find out if there are any taxes outstanding and request a copy of your tax notice if you have not received one.

What if a Lawyer Paid My Taxes?

Ask your lawyer if you are responsible for claiming the Home Owner Grant. If you are the new owner and you are to claim the grant, you will need to attach a copy of your Freehold Transfer. Ensure that your grant is at the Tax Department in City Hall by the due date.

You will only be able to claim your grant this year if there is a balance owing on the account.

How Do I Get a Refund?

To get a refund on overpayments, submit a written request by mail or in person at City Hall. Allow four to six weeks for processing time. We mail all refund cheques to the registered owner.

What if I Have Requested a Reassessment?

Even if the reassessment results are still pending, we recommend that you pay the amount owing by the due date to avoid any penalties. Upon your request, we will refund over payments to the property tax levy due to a reassessment.

Can I Pay Installments for Next Year?

Yes. Learn about the City’s Tax Prepayment Plan for property taxes and/or utilities.

Where Can I Get Home Owner Grant Info?

Learn about claiming the Home Owner Grant.

What if My Name is Spelled Incorrectly?

Errors and/or corrections on property tax billings are processed through the BC Assessment Authority at 1-866-825-8322. This information will then be downloaded to the City system for tax and utility billings.

What if the Property Has Been Sold?

New property owners
New owners should contact the Port Coquitlam Tax Office to find out if any taxes are outstanding. Please have the property address ready along with the strata lot number if applicable.

Former owners
If you receive a notice for a property you have sold, mark “SOLD” on the envelope and put it back in the mail. Canada Post will return the notice to the City, which will redirect it. You may also phone the Tax Department at 604.927.5425.

Selling your home

  • Credits on your property tax account remain on the account. The purchaser assumes that credit. Your legal counsel will reflect this on the Statement of Adjustments upon the sale of your home.
  • Please cancel your prepayment plan when your property is being sold.  Written cancellation notice must be received by mail or fax by the Tax Office at least five business days prior to the last day of any given month.
How Do I Change the Address or Owner Name?

The City cannot change your mailing address. To change your mailing address, contact the BC Assessment Authority at 1-866-825-8322 or complete this change of address form.

You may also request a change in writing: include the roll number of the property, the previous mailing address, the new mailing address, your printed name and your signature. Send the letter to:

BC ASSESSMENT – North Fraser Region
420-2700 Production Way
Burnaby, BC V5A 4X1

The City’s system will show the new address in about 6-8 weeks.

Change of name 

Any changes to the ownership of a parcel, including name changes, should be filed at:

Lower Mainland Land Title Office
88-6th Street, New Westminster  BC
V3L 5B3
Tel 604.630.9630

What if I Made Prepayments but Still Owe?

Balances owing will not be withdrawn from your July prepayment account. To avoid penalty, any outstanding balance should be paid by the due date.

Also, if applicable, please submit your Home Owner Grant application online return the application on the back of your tax notice to Port Coquitlam City Hall by the due date.


Port Coquitlam Tax Office
Tel  604.927.5425

Location and Mailing Address

City Hall, First Floor
2580 Shaughnessy Street
Port Coquitlam BC  V3C 2A8

Business Hours: 
8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday (excluding statutory holidays)