Large Item Pick-up Program

As part of our pilot project, the City has now taken over operating the Large Item Pick-up program. Free curbside pick-up of six large items per year (3 items max. per pick up) – including mattresses, furniture, appliances, tires, exercise equipment and more – to household owners that receive City waste services and pay a garbage levy on their property tax bills. The service remains the same. We appreciate your patience as we transition in taking over this exciting project. Thank you!

Bookings are accepted through the form below. Please read the information below before booking – items that are not accepted or do not meet the criteria will not be picked up.

Requested by residents for many years, large item pickup will help reduce illegal dumping and ensure discarded items are disposed of properly. It’s the latest improvement to the City’s waste services, following last year’s launch of year-round weekly green cart pickup and extra holiday recycling. 

Who can use the program

The new service is available to single-family homes and multi-family units that are household owners who receive City waste services and pay a garbage levy on their property tax bills.

How to Schedule Your Pick-up

Qualifying households can schedule pick-ups by submitting the form below – up to six large items are accepted per calendar year. Bookings can be made up to twice per calendar year, for up to three items maximum per pick-up.

  • Ensure you qualify to have your large item picked up based on the criteria above (must be a residential owner and paying a garbage levy on your property tax bills).
  • Submit the form for large item pick up online below.
  • Wait for email confirmation from a large item pick-up clerk (within 48 hours). Please check your spam folder.
  • Please do not place your items in front of your residence until your pick-up date has been confirmed with our large item pick up clerk. Anything left out prior to the confirmed date would be considered illegal dumping and can lead to a fine.
  • Once our large item pick-up clerk has received your request, they will be in touch with you to schedule your pick-up.
  • Once given a pick-up date:
    • Prepare items based on the criteria (eg. Mattresses need to be plastic wrapped) and place your large item for pick-up at 7 am on the scheduled day you are given. A large item pick-up clerk will confirm your pick-up date at least one day prior

Items that are not accepted or meet the criteria below will not be picked up.

Items Accepted
  • Mattresses and box springs – must be dry, wrapped in plastic and securely sealed.
  • Indoor non-upholstered furniture – e.g. coffee tables, chairs, desks, dressers, TV stands, cabinets, drawers, tables, hutches, cribs, high chairs, entertainment centres
  • Upholstered furniture – e.g. couch, arm chair, recliners etc. Must be dry. If raining, cover with plastic or a tarp, which will be left behind for re-use.
  • Outdoor furniture – e.g. chairs, patio tables, patio umbrellas
  • Appliances – e.g. stoves, dishwashers, washers and/or dryers, hot water tanks, refrigerators, freezers, microwaves, coolers
  • Barbecues – remove lava rock, briquettes, propane tanks or coals
  • Electric lawnmowers (not gas)
  • Small household goods – in boxes or bundled, and a reasonable size (one box or bundle is equal to one of the resident’s allotted items)
  • Tires – bicycle, passenger and light duty truck only
  • Weight training equipment – e.g. treadmills, elliptical, stationary bikes, stair masters, weight sets
Items Not Accepted
  • Wet or unsealed mattresses and boxsprings
  • Wet upholstered furniture
  • Regular household waste
  • Commercial waste
  • Construction and demolition waste, including lumber
  • Home renovation materials – e.g. sinks, bathtubs, hot tubs, flooring, doors, windows, fireplaces
  • Tree stumps or other wood waste
  • Car bodies or parts
  • Carpets and rugs
  • Air conditioners and water dispensers
  • Glass and mirrors
  • Musical instruments
  • Electronics (computer, stereo, television)
  • Propane tanks
  • Gas mowers
  • Hazardous waste, medical waste, toxins or chemicals of any kind, including:
    • Paints and solvents
    • Waste with PCB or containing dioxin
    • Oil
    • Asbestos
    • Pest control product containers, or waste containing pest control products, including waste from producing treated wood products
    • Leachable toxic waste
    • Waste containing tetrachloroethylene
    • Waste listed in Schedule 7 to Hazardous Waste Regulation B.C. Reg. 63/88
    • Waste containing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon

Use the PoCo Sort & Report app or search online for other disposal options.

Other Important Criteria
  • All items must be placed at the curbside for pick-up by 7 am on the scheduled day.
  • All items must be able to be safely carried by two people.
  • Mattresses and boxsprings must be dry, wrapped in plastic and securely sealed.
  • Upholstered furnishings must be dry and not infested with bed bugs or other vermin.
  • Small household goods must in boxes or bundled, and a reasonable size (one box or bundle is equal to one of the resident’s allotted items).
  • Briquettes, lava rock and propane tanks must be removed from barbecues.
  • No banned items will be accepted.

Book Your Pick-Up

Please read information above before booking. This service is only for single-family households or multi-family units receiving City waste services and paying a garbage levy on their property tax bills.

Bookings will be confirmed within a day.

Personal information entered on this form is collected under the authority of section 26(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA) and will be used to contact you if needed. If you have any questions or concerns about how your information will be used, contact the City’s Records and FOIPPA Administrator at 604.927.5250 or

Large Item Pick-Up
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• Max. 3 per booking
• One chair is counted as one item
Small household goods – in boxes or bundled, and a reasonable size (one box or bundle is equal to one of the resident's allotted items.

Provide Feedback During the Pilot

The City will monitor the pilot throughout its first year. Participants are invited to submit feedback through the form below. After the pilot is completed in spring 2022, the City will review the feedback and consider whether to continue, change or expand the program.

Large Item Pick-up Feedback


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